TOP 5 – Most Poisonous Flowers in the World

Most flowers in the world are viewed as being beautiful and elegant and a welcome addition to the countrysides of every nation on the planet. However some flowers are dangerous for humans and can lead to all sorts of problems with our bodies including death.

These following flowers are flowers you shouldn’t send to friends as gifts.

  1. Belladonna:

    Belladonna, which is also known as the deadly nightshade is renowned as one of the most poisonous plants on our planet. The flower is a delicate dull purple colour. A single leaf off the plant is enough to kill a healthy adult due to the high concentrations of alkaloid toxins which cause havoc in the nervous system.

     Other symptoms include confusion, blurred vision, headaches and hallucinations.

  1. Autumn Crocus:

    The Autumn Crocus is a very attractive flower which resembles true crocuses. It is similar to its cousin which means mistaken identity are frequent. Anyone accidentally ingesting Autumn Crocus will suffer the effects of the deadly poison colchicines. 

    This is a toxin similar to arsenic to which there is no antidote.

  1. Angel’s Trumpet:

    The Angel Trumpet is native to South America. The flower is named because when it blooms it has trumpet-shaped flowers. Despite the innocent name the flower is exceedingly dangerous. 

    The flower is a popular drug for many South American tribes rituals. However the flower is unpredictable which mean fatal overdoses are not uncommon.

  1. Rhododendron:

    Rhododendrons are a large flowering shrub that are in parks and gardens across the world. The toxic levels in a rhododendron has been known about since ancient times, honey made from its flowers is known as mad honey. 

    The plants toxins can cause paralysis or even death and is particularly deadly to horses.

  1. Foxglove:

    The tubular flowers of the Foxglove which are purple, pink, white and yellow are a well known and popular flower in the British countryside and in many gardens. The plants Latin name is Digitalis. 

    Although used as a heart medicine every single part of the foxglove is toxic and ingestion is often fatal. Symptoms leading up to death can include, vomiting, hallucinations, convulsions and heart irregularities.