Uses for leftover Mother’s Day bouquets

Mother’s Day bouquets are a loving gift from children to one of the most important women in their lives. This can be quite an emotional day for mum which is why it’s not uncommon to try to hold on to your blooms for as long as possible. Here are some ways of keeping the joy of these flowers alive.

Pressed blooms

If you enjoy arts and crafts, then you will love pressing flowers. Flower pressing is an excellent way of preserving many different types of flowers. Various types of flowers can be used in different Mother’s Day bouquets so you will need to make sure that your flowers can be pressed. Large blooms with plenty of overlapping petals are often best dried or you can remove the petals and press them individually.

Dried bouquet

Drying Mother’s Day bouquets will allow you to keep them on display for many months. The key to preserving a bouquet in this way is removing it from the vase as soon as the flowers show signs that they are on their way out. Drying is best done by hanging the flowers upside down. This helps ensure that they maintain their shape.

Framed flowers

Once your flowers are dried or pressed, you can create a gorgeous display which you can frame in a box frame. You can even include the card that you received along with the flowers and make it a true keepsake.


Some Mother’s Day bouquets simply do not hold up well when it comes to drying or pressing. When making potpourri, all you need to do is remove the petals and spread them out. Allow them to dry in a well-ventilated area. Make sure that you toss the plant material around regularly so that they dry evenly.


If any of your flowers perish before you have the chance to dry them, you can always recycle them and use them in your garden as compost. If you transform Mother’s Day bouquets into potpourri or you press the blooms, you can also use the stems and leaves for compost instead of throwing them away.

These are some of the best ideas for leftover Mother’s Day bouquets. Remember, if you want to remember their beauty forever, you can always take a picture and add it to your scrapbook or photo album.