Top 5 – Make Your Flowers Stay Fresher for Longer

There is nothing better than receiving a beautiful bouquet of flowers from a friend or loved one. Every time you look at them it reminds you of something or someone special, but then they start to die. With our top 5 tips, you can cherish this for longer to help you flowers last longer than expected and strengthen the natural beauty of each and every petal.

1. Try using a little hair spray, nothing too strong, but a mid-hold hairspray sprayed on the flowers from about half a meter will really stop the heads drooping and will help stop the decay of the flowers keeping them looking fresher for longer.

2. Pure basics, put fresh water every day and cut the stems at a 45 degree angle to help the flower absorb water. This really does prolong the life of the flowers but its amazing how many people out there ignore this tip.

3. Lilt or Coke! Seriously yes this works, put a few drops in with the water and it really helps them live longer. Obviously if you have a clear vase, don’t use coke use lilt or similar clear fizzy drink. It’s the sugar in the drink that helps give the flowers this boost.

4. Vodka- If you can part with a few drops of vodka with your flowers, then definitely do this one. The vodka acts as a safe anti-bacterial defence for the flowers that won’t kill them. You won’t notice immediate difference; it merely slows down the decay process.

5. Finally for our final trick, get a 2p coin and put it in with the vase along with a couple of pinches of sugar, this again will really help the flowers live longer.

We would like to say that points 3, 4 and 5. These are excellent ways to help the flowers live longer but don’t use all 3, as together it will be more of a toxic potion to the flowers rather than an aid. Good Luck