Fresh flowers that bloom in autumn

Now that the weather is cooling down, you will start to notice a change in your local environment. There may not be as many flowers in bloom and soon the leaves will start to change colour as they prepare to fall from the trees. For many, this is the most beautiful season of all. For others, it might be somewhat bittersweet. Nevertheless, it’s important not to forget that autumn also has plenty of natural beauty to offer and there are some fresh flowers that will bloom during these months. Here are some of the most common blooms you will come across during this time of year.


Also known as Alcea, these are single flower cultivars and they bloom very late in the summer season which extends into the beginning of autumn. They have bold, trumpet-like petals that rest upon a tall stem. They are perfect for gardens that need some extra colour in the cooler months and they can be picked to display in a vase in your home too.


While we tend to think of most fresh flowers as large, bright and beautiful, some are smaller in size but this should not take anything away from their beauty. Yarrow blooms are made up of clusters which makes them excellent as filler flowers. They can be added to bouquets in all those otherwise empty spots to complete your bouquet while adding colour and texture.


Hydrangeas are one of the most popular of all fresh flowers that bloom during this time of year. They are really versatile when it comes to creating cut flower arrangements since they can be used in bouquets as well as tributes like floral crosses. While they may appear large in size, they actually consist of several small flowers on a single stem. Their colour depends on the pH level of the soil in which the plant it grown so you can have anything from white or green to pink, purple or even blue! The shades also vary from light pastels to deeper and darker colours. In some cases, a single plant can produce more than one colour depending on how the roots grow. Perhaps some roots end up in more alkaline soil while the rest of them end up in acidic soil. Even when your hydrangea is not in bloom, you can rest assured that the lush leaves will look great throughout the year.

Lily of the Nile

If you are looking for fresh flowers that are more elegant than the rest, you should consider the Lily of the Nile or even Crinums. Both of these flowers have petals that point out like trumpets and they bloom in the most beautiful colours too. They are perfect for growing in your garden as well as in vases around your home.

While these are some of the best blooms that you will find in autumn, remember that your florist will have even more fresh flowers to offer. Even if they are not in season, flowers like roses, carnations, chrysanthemums and various types of lilies can still be cultivated in greenhouses or imported in order to ensure that we always have a wide range of blooms from which to choose.