Planter design ideas

When you think about a pot for your pretty plant, you may tend to picture it in a fairly ordinary plastic or ceramic pot. Of course, there are plenty of other amazing options from which you can choose if you want a more unique planter design. Here are some ideas that will help ensure that your plants really stand out.

Rustic watering can

If you are looking for a planter design that will hold true to the garden theme, you could use an old watering can. Those with a rustic appearance are particularly appealing. Remember, unlike using a watering can as a vase, you don’t need one that will hold water. In fact, you should make holes in the base in order to allow water to drain away.

Beautiful buckets

Buckets are also amazing if you want a pretty planter design that won’t break the bank. Metal buckets are fantastic so, if you have one that you no longer use, you can clean it up, make some holes in the bottom and add your favourite plant. Buckets can remain as they are or you can paint and decorate them if you prefer.

Wooden crates and boxes

Wood is a natural element and, since trees have woody trunks, you can be sure that a wooden planter design will fit right in. In most cases, wooden crates will not be able to hold soil so you will need to line it with a special type of gardening foil or similar liner. Of course, you should make holes in this liner so that the soil does not remain overly saturated after watering.

These are a few wonderful planter design ideas that will allow you to get creative and recycle items you may have in your shed or garage that would otherwise go to waste. Even if you don’t have a garden, you can still use these ideas to create a balcony garden or even around your home. Remember, you will need to place a tray to catch any excess water and to protect your surfaces from water and other damage.