Potted Christmas tree care advice

If you order or receive a potted Christmas tree as a gift this year, it is important to know how to care for it properly. One of the main reasons why people love potted trees so much is the fact that they can be enjoyed for years as potted display and later planted in the garden. These trees will provide the recipient with plenty of joy for many years to come.

When to bring them inside

If you have a potted Christmas tree from the previous year, you should bring it inside as late as possible. You don’t want to keep the plant inside for more than 12 days, either. So, instead of keeping it in your home permanently, you can keep it in your garden throughout the year and decorate it just before Christmas.


It is important that you provide your potted Christmas tree with the right amount of water. Overwatering can cause the roots to rot while inadequate watering will cause the plant to perish too. Water when the soil starts to dry out and make sure that there are enough drainage holes at the bottom of the pot. Do not allow the pot to stand in a saucer filled with water. This will keep the soil soggy and the roots will die.

Far from heat

You don’t need to worry about keeping your potted Christmas tree warm. In fact, it’s best to keep it away from any sources of heat such as heaters, radiators and fire places. The heat will dry the tree out and it will lose its needles.

Planting in the garden

When your potted Christmas tree reaches over 5 feet in height, it’s time to seriously consider planting it in your garden. Make sure that you leave plenty of room all the way around the tree. It might not be all that big now but it will grow into an impressive tree in the years to come. You do not want it to end up causing damage to your home or your neighbour’s property.

These are a few essential tips to keep your potted Christmas tree happy in its pot and to help it grow once you plant it in your garden. While some might plant these trees in their garden only to remove it to display indoors for Christmas, this is not advisable since you can cause serious damage to the roots and the tree could end up perishing in the process.