Essential tips for displaying flowers in your home

When you receive a fresh flower delivery, your first instinct is to put them in water. Rather than rushing for the first vase you find, place your flowers in a clean bucket of water instead. Now take a moment to consider all of your display options.

Finding the best vase

First things first, find a suitable vase for your bouquet. The size and type of your bouquet will determine the size and shape of your bouquet. The colour of your flowers and your home d├ęcor will detemine the colour vase you should choose.

A classic-shaped vase is great for large bouquets while a cylindrical vase is ideal for long-stemmed flowers. Cube vases are perfect for short-stemmed flowers and slender bud vases can be used for bud arrangements. You can even get creative by using household items like mason jars, teacups, watering cans, and so on.

Choosing the best spot

For your fresh flowers to have the maximum effect, they need to be displayed in just the right place. Larger bouquet are best suited for spacious rooms. Small arrangements and bud flower displays can be used to brighten up smaller areas like your bathrooms and entrance hall.

Flower care

Before displaying your bouquet, you need to trim the stems and add floral food to the water. Preparing your flowers in this way will ensure that they last longer. Roses might need to have their guard petals removed in order to allow them to open up faster. Keep your flowers away from such elements as direct sunlight, excessive heat, excessive cold, and wind. If you find that your favourite vase is not quite large enough to hold the entire bouquet without squashing the flowers, you can divide the bouquet and create two arrangements. When displaying flowers in your kitchen, keep them away from any fresh fruit. Various types of fruit emit a gas that causes flowers and other fruit to perish faster. Finally, don’t forget to change the water regularly, trim the stems occasionally, and remove any dead or dying plant material as soon as you notice it.

With all of these tips, your flowers will look their very best and they will last that much longer too! If you are looking for flowers that last particularly long, don’t forget to ask your florist about their seasonal bouquets.