Where Is The Best Place To Display Your Cut Flowers?

When you hear your doorbell ring unexpectedly and you are greeted with a fresh flower delivery, you will probably be filled with both surprise and joy.  You sign to acknowledge receipt, thank the delivery person and quickly read the card attached to find out who this special flower arrangement is from.  It doesn’t take long before your watering instinct is triggered and you realize that you need to get your fresh flowers in a vase of clean water immediately.

So, you gently trim the stems, prepare the vase, add the flower preserve and place them in their new home.  Now, it’s time to think carefully about where to put these beautiful blooms on display for all to see.

It might seem like a simple task for some but there are, in fact, a few key points that need to be remembered when putting cut flowers on display.  You need to ensure that you avoid placing your arrangement anywhere near any known factors that could shorten the life of your flowers and, by being aware of what these factors are, you will be one step ahead!

The first thing to avoid is direct sunlight.  The sun is a strong and destructive force that is sure to damage those soft, delicate petals.  Although plants and flowers benefit from a certain amount of sun, the same is not true for cut flowers.  Hence, if you are planning on placing your vase near or next to a window, make sure that the sunlight does not reach the flowers.

Another important tip to remember about placing your flowers near windows is that, if you order flowers in winter, you should make sure that they do not touch the window at all.  The window might have a moderate to warm temperature during the day but, at night, the temperatures drop and the cold glass pressing up against the flowers and foliage can really damage them.

You should also be sure to keep your cut flowers out of any drafts.  Even the most gentle summer wind can cause direct damage to the flowers.  While certain flowers can be quite hardy, others like tulips will lose their petals almost instantly.  If you choose to display your flowers near or next to a window, make sure that you do not need to open the window at all while the flowers are nearby.

Heaters, fire places and air conditioners are also not plant friendly and flowers should be kept far away from them.  If a certain room is not suitable due to the presence of an air conditioner, fan, heater or similar item, then you may want to consider displaying them in a different room.  Fans and air conditioners blow cold air around the room and heating devices can make the room too hot for the flowers.  Flowers need to be kept at moderate temperatures in order to last long.

If you have pets, you will need to be especially careful when putting your flower bouquet on display.  If you have a super energetic dog that enjoys racing against itself for no apparent reason, you should place your flowers somewhere out of reach and on a stable table that won’t move when bumped.  Cats, on the other hand, can be quite difficult to control.  It is often best to put flowers on display in a room that your cat or cats do not often visit.