October anniversary flowers

Anniversaries are some of the happiest occasions we get to experience each year. Not only do they give us the opportunity to reflect on our time together but we also have another excuse to spoil our partners! Fresh flowers are a very popular anniversary gift for obvious reasons. When you see your partner arrive with an impressive bouquet or you’re surprised at work by a fresh flower delivery, it’s all you need to make you smile from ear to ear!

If you are struggling to find the best anniversary flowers for October, there are a number of great options. Red roses are the obvious choice for those hopeless romantics. The colour red is associated with love and red roses are as romantic as flowers can get! If you’re not all that keen on roses, you can always choose another type of flower or ask your florist for a mixed bouquet consisting of several types of red flowers. You can even combine some red and pink flowers for an even more colourful and impressive display of your affections.

Of course, if you want something a bit more seasonal, you could ask your florist about seasonal flowers. Seasonal flowers are those that are in season. These blooms hold up better during the current weather conditions and they are also really reasonably priced. Seasonal flowers are great for those on a budget or if you want to add something to your order like chocolates, a cute teddy bear, or a bottle of bubbly.

Another great idea is to take a sneak peek at your wedding photos. Find a photo of your beautiful bride holding her bouquet. Take this photo to your florist and ask them to recreate the design. Since you are celebrating your anniversary and the flowers in the bouquet were available then, they should be available now. That said, some flowers are only available by order so you are advised to run this design by your florist in advance. Make a copy of the photo to leave with them as a reference. Make sure that you specify whether you will be collecting or if you need the bouquet to be delivered on your behalf.

The most important thing to remember is to spoil your partner with flowers that will make them say, “Wow!”. If you are planning on surprising them at work, you might want to add a vase to your flower order. You never know if they will have a vase (or even a suitable vase) on hand at work and you wouldn’t want the flowers to wilt prematurely.