Easy centrepiece ideas for Christmas

When you welcome guests to join you for Christmas dinner or lunch, it is important to plan both your meal and d├ęcor. Not only do you want to fill your home with the delicious aromas of all that food, but you also want your dining room to be visually appealing. If you are not sure how to decorate your table, here are some easy centrepiece ideas.

Festive wreath

One of the easiest arrangements you can make yourself is a wreath. While they are popular for hanging, they also make a really easy centrepiece for your table when placed flat. All you need is a wreath frame to which you can attach your foliage, perhaps some flowers or some festive accessories like pine cones. You can place a candle in the middle to add light and create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.


Of all the potted plants available, the poinsettia is most commonly associated with the holidays. This is a really easy centrepiece idea because all you need to do is choose a small plant and place it in the middle of your table. You can wrap the pot in some decorative paper. Just make sure that you make holes for water to drain away into the drip tray. You can also add a flower pick or even apply glitter here and there for some sparkle.


Pomanders are another great option if you want to create your own design. While these designs are usually suspended from the ceiling, you can also place yours on top of a vase with a large enough rim. You can use a clear glass vase and fill it with some fairy lights if you like.

Fun candles

If you want to line your table with candles, you can turn them into quite the display while you’re at it. All you need to do for this easy centrepiece design is string together a few dried red chilli peppers and wrap them around the base of the candle. You can make several rings for each candle and allow them to overlap for complete coverage. This is a great idea if you want something a little less traditional.

Fresh flowers

Fresh blooms will also allow you to get really creative when it comes to your holiday design. You can choose between a short vase and floral foam. The latter is often easier to work with because it ensures that each stem stays just where you want it before you move on to the next. All you will need to do is decide on a colour scheme and choose your flowers and foliage based on this choice.

Potted tree

While Christmas trees are usually large and displayed in areas like your living room, they can also be used as table displays. For this easy centrepiece design, all you need is a small, potted Christmas tree and a few small ornaments. Decorate your small tree and place it in the middle of your table. You could even place some small wrapped boxes around the base of the tree to look like Christmas gifts. Add some fairy lights to make this design really stand out.

These are just a few fun and easy centrepiece ideas that you might want to consider as the holidays grow closer. Whether you prefer traditional designs or you are looking for something a bit more modern, flowers and plants allow you the luxury of expressing yourself through your designs.