Birthday blooms for November

The flower associated with the month of November is the beautiful chrysanthemum. These flowers are not only available in various colours and sizes but are also available all year round. These are just two reasons why they make beautiful birthday blooms for November.


Perennial plant

This perennial plant produces beautiful flowers associated with love and joy. This makes them a great choice in birthday blooms for November. They have a generous appearance and can be displayed alone or together with other flowers. If you combine them with other flowers, you can use chrysanthemums as collective flowers.


Cultivation history

Years ago, chrysanthemums were grown as herbs in China. It wasn’t until many years later that its beauty captivated the world and became one of the most popular options in every flower shop. When sending this flower, be sure to consider its destination. In countries such as Spain, Italy, France, Belgium, Croatia and Hungary, chrysanthemums symbolize death. This makes them more appropriate as sympathy flowers and funeral flowers than birthday blooms in these cultures.

Pretty pairing

If you’re looking for the best flowers to pair with fresh chrysanthemums, you have several great options. White chrysanthemums can be used together with flowers of any colour. They look especially good when paired with roses and buds. If you want something a little brighter when it comes to birthday blooms, you can combine bright yellow chrysanthemums with other bright flowers such as sunflowers, germinis and statices.


Finally, don’t forget the fabulous Feeling Green Chrysanthemum variety. These are great birthday blooms that will add texture and a pop of greenery to any bouquet. They are small, compact flowers, making them excellent mass flowers or fillers in any arrangement. When looking for the perfect flowers for a November birthday, ask your florist for their best chrysanthemum bouquets.