Flowers for friends this Valentine’s Day

While many people associate Valentine’s Day with romance, this is not entirely the case. This occasion is not limited to romantic love. We have seen a rising trend of friendship celebrations on this special day. If you are not sure what to buy, here are some ideas for flowers for friends.


Red roses are associated with romantic love so, when it comes to flowers for friends, yellow roses would be a better choice. Alternatively, you can always send a mixed bouquet. A selection of roses in various colours will most certainly brighten their day and show them how much you care.

Other blooms

If you know that the recipient has a particular favourite flower, you can shop for bouquets that consist of or at least include this bloom. For instance, if they love carnations, you could shop for a mixed colour carnation bouquet or an arrangement that includes carnations. Some of the most popular flowers include tulips, chrysanthemums, lilies and orchids.

Colour choice

As mentioned above, red is the colour of passionate love. This is why it’s important to skip this colour when shopping for flowers for friends. You wouldn’t want them to get the wrong message. Of course, you can include red blooms in a mixed bouquet if you like. Some of the best colours include white, purple and yellow. The safest option of all is to send a mixed bouquet. These arrangements include different types of flowers as well as several colours.

Something extra

You can also shop for something extra while browsing for flowers for friends. Many florists even include free chocolates with their bouquets. Other optional extras include wine, balloons and cuddly teddy bears.

Once you have selected the perfect flowers for friends, you can arrange for the delivery. Remember to choose a home or work address based on where you think your friend will most likely be during the delivery interval. Make sure that you include their contact number so that the delivery person can reach them if need be.