Best flowers and plants for summer

Different seasons bring different flowers as plants are very much in their growing season. Most plants become dormant when the weather gets cold and unfriendly. If you want to decorate your home with the best summer flowers and plants, it’s important to know what types of blooms to expect at your local florist.


Nothing says summer like sunflowers! These are one of the top choices when it comes to summer flowers and plants. Not only are they bright, but they are also large and they can be enjoyed all on their own or as the focal flowers in a mixed bouquet.


Daisies come in all sizes and colours. They look amazing when you use several colours in a single bouquet. Some great colour combinations include yellow, red, white and orange. When you want flowers and plants that truly represent this season, you should remember to choose warm colours.


These flowers love water and all you need is a few stems to fill a vase. They are also great to use in floral foam arrangements. Just make sure that you keep the foam moist at all times. Unlike most other flowers and plants, the pH level of the soil will influence the colour of the flowers that bloom.


Tall and impressive, delphiniums are an excellent choice in summer bouquets. Use them to brighten your living room, kitchen or even your dining room. They work very well for adding height to your arrangements as well as amazing colour.


Lilies are known for their striking beauty and sweet perfume. These large blooms can be displayed on their own or paired with flowers such as roses. A rose and lily bouquet really is a favourite when it comes to summer flowers and plants.


Of all the flowers and plants available, orchids are known for lasting the longest. They can be displayed as cut flowers but most people prefer them as potted plants because they produce blooms year after year. Your plant will require some special care but, for the most part, they are really easy to care for.

These are some of the top flowers and plants for summer. Whether you want to brighten up your own home or surprise a loved one, you can’t go wrong with these delightful blooms. No matter what type of flowers you choose, don’t forget to give them fresh water and nutrients.