Send plants this year for Easter

Fresh flowers are a popular gift for Easter. If, however, you want to send a floral gift that will last longer than a couple of weeks, you should send plants! There are plenty of beautiful options from which to choose and they will certainly make the recipient feel special. Here are some ideas.

Sweet-scented hyacinths

Hyacinths are perfect for this time of year. These bulbs are easy to grow and, while they will eventually become dormant, they will rebloom with very little effort. If you want to send plants to somebody who struggles to keep them alive, these are what you’ve been looking for! Available in various colours, you can be sure that their sweet perfume will fill the lucky recipient’s home.

Cute bunny planter

There is nothing cuter than a plant resting in the arms of a bunny! Not only does the bunny suit the Easter theme, but a plant with bright blooms will certainly do the trick. Remember, when you send plants in a decorative planter, the plant may outgrow the planter eventually. Of course, the planter can be reused for smaller plants so it will never go to waste.

Bright Easter roses

Roses are perfect for all occasions and, if you want to send plants that will be a hit in any household, roses are the best choice. Brightly-coloured roses in a pretty planter will spruce up any room. You may love these plants so much that you’ll even treat yourself to one! Roses are timeless in their beauty and, as potted plants, they are really easy to care for too.

When you send plants for Easter, don’t forget to ask your florist about any optional extras that you can include. Send a bottle of wine, some luxury chocolates, or even some Easter eggs along with your plant order to make your gift that much more impressive.