Flowers for college students feeling homesick

If your child has gone off to college or university and this is the first time that they’ll be away from home for so long, you may want to send them a comforting gift during their first couple of weeks of school. Flowers, plants and various gifts available from your florist will let them know that you are thinking of them. Here are some tips to help you choose flowers for college students who are missing home.

Bright bouquets

When selecting flowers for college students, you want to make sure that you choose bright colours. Avoid pastel shades, especially if you are sending the bouquet to a young man. Striking colours and a good dose of green will go a long way to helping calm their nerves and encourage creativity and learning.

Potted plants

Another great idea if you want to send flowers for college students but you worry that they will not last more than a few weeks at most. For this reason, you might prefer sending a potted plant. Plants can be seen as an extra responsibility and students are known for being very busy. So, instead of sending a plant that requires frequent attention, you should take a look around for one that will only needs care from time to time. Succulents and cacti are great. Terrariums are a lovely addition since they too are compact and they practically care for themselves.

Something extra

Apart from plants or flowers for college students, you can also ask your florist about optional extras to add to your order. Some of the most popular gifts include luxury chocolates and colourful helium balloons. You can always shop for bundles that include flowers, a balloon, chocolates and even other goodies like scented candles. Take your pick based on what your loved one will enjoy.

With these ideas in mind, you can shop for flowers for college students with ease. Your florist can deliver directly to their door and, make sure that you include a special message. Just take care not to write anything that could be considered embarassing.