Celebrate Mother’s Day with carnations

Carnations are the most popular choice for Mother’s Day and they are chosen for their beauty as well as the traditional aspect. Carnations send various messages from love and admiration to purity and so much more. The colour of the flower will determine its meaning and when they are right to send.

White carnations are traditionally worn by those who have lost their mothers. It is a way of honouring mum on this day even when she cannot be there to celebrate. White carnations symbolise love, peace, and tranquility which makes them particularly appropriate.

As for red carnations, the lighter varieties symbolise admiration while dark red carnations have a more romantic meaning. Red flowers are always best sent to your significant other so they might not be the best option to send to your mother or mother-in-law.

Pink carnations are the traditional choice for those who still have their mother around. Pink carnations are a symbol of affection and they are known to symbolise the fact that the recipient is always on your mind. Of course, if you plan on wearing a flower in honour of mum, a pink carnation is the way to go. You can have your florist design a corsage that wraps around your wrist or one that pins to your dress if you prefer.

When sending carnations for Mother’s Day, you should ask your florist about various bouquet sizes. You can usually increase the size of the arrangement for a moderate extra spend. You can also add things like chocolates, balloons, or a vase to your flower order for good measure.

Finally, even though carnations will tell mum that you care, you should always take the time to write something really special in the card that will accompany your bouquet. Wishing her a Happy Mother’s Day is so much more than just a gift. Your loving words will go a long way which is why it’s so important to make sure that you compose something original and from the heart.