Make your own fun floral garland

Floral garlands are fun to wear and fun to make. They can be made using fresh flowers, silk flowers, or you could even make your own paper flowers if you like. The key is to get relatively small flowers and make sure that your florist does not trim all the leaves off the stem because that touch of green works wonders!

Once you have your flowers ready, you will need to prepare some floral wire and green floral tape. Start by trimming each flower stem to about an inch or two. Cut a length of wire twice as long as the stem and fold in half so that it looks like a hairpin. Gently pierce the base of the flower with the wire and slowly pull it through until the bent section is in the middle. Now use the floral tape to secure the wire to the stem. Do this with all of your flowers and don’t forget to secure wire stems to some leaves as well.

When all of your flowers and leaves are ready, it’s time to attach them to a suitable, durable string. The wired stems will make it that much easier to secure the flowers and leaves to the string by simply twisting them around a few times. Make sure that your flowers are all facing the same direction and that the string is long enough that the garland can be slipped over your head without taking it apart.

Don’t forget to conceal the stems and make them even more secure by wrapping more green floral tape around the length of the garland. You might find it easier to do so once you have secured the flowers into place or you can wrap each stem as you attach it.

If you need to make several garlands or an event, you might prefer using artificial or paper flowers. Fresh flowers can be stored for a few hours prior to the event and you might like to mist them with water and store them in the fridge until they are needed.