Fresh flowers and décor for the New Year

It’s a new year and your décor might be feeling a little out of date. The weather can easily make anyone feel down and void of any energy. Which is all the more reason to give your home a bit of a make over. Now, before you think about remodelling and all the costs involved, you should consider how the smaller things in life can make the biggest difference. The right décor and some fresh flowers are just what you need to get through the remaining weeks of winter.

Flowers for your home

Just because it’s winter does not mean that you have to go without fresh flowers in your home! The right flowers can make all the difference. Consider the colour scheme and theme of your space before selecting blooms. You may enjoy embracing the season by opting for snow white blooms. A touch of blue here and there can really transform the room. Of course, if you want to warm the room up, you can definitely display warmer coloured flowers like red, pink and even orange. Contrasting bouquets that include colour combinations like yellow and blue are especially eye-catching.

Consider plants too

If you want to add a touch of nature that lasts longer than a cut bouquet of fresh flowers, you should consider buying a plant or two. Remember to always choose the right type of plant for your environment. Think about where you would like to display the plant and then take into account the amount of light and type of air flow in this area. For low maintenance plants that require minimal care, cacti and succulents are always a safe bet.

Thrift store shopping

If you don’t want to spend too much money on décor, you can find some wonderful items at a second hand shop. Vases for your fresh flowers, vintage-style ornaments and all sorts of decorative items that will help you create a distinct theme are all waiting to be discovered at your local thrift shop. The best part of all is that you will pay a fraction of the price.

Switch out those cushions

Even if your living room furniture is a neutral colour, you can change the colour scheme of the room by simply changing your cushions! It’s as simple as replacing the cushions or, better yet, placing them inside covers that will suit the new look you are creating.

There you have it – several wonderful ways of sprucing up your home with fresh flowers, plants and other inexpensive tricks that will transform any room. Once you try redecorating on a tight budget, you will see that it really is not as difficult as it once seemed.