Tips for sending flowers to hospitals

A flower delivery to the hospital could symbolise a joyous celebration or a message of encouragement. If you have a sick friend or loved one, a bouquet of get well soon flowers will be most fitting. If you are welcoming the arrival of a new baby, then a new baby flower arrangement is what you’ll be looking for. With all of this in mind, it’s important to understand that there are certain rules in place with regards to hospital flower deliveries.


Firstly, it’s important that you find out where your friend or loved one is spending their time recuperating. Fresh flowers might not be permitted in certain areas (like the intensive care unit). This is because the patients in this part of the hospital need to be protected from any contaminants. Pollen is perfectly harmless to most of us. However, for those recovering from surgery or fighting a severe illness or infection, any impurities can disrupt their recovery.


If you plan to make the delivery yourself, then you can rest assured that the bouquet will reach its destination. If you are unable to make a personal appearance at the hospital, you should make sure that the florist has the correct delivery details. Make sure that you have the full address as well as the area of the hospital and room number. Failing to supply the correct details could result in delivery complications.


If the hospital does not allow fresh flowers into a particular part of the hospital, then you should ask about sending a silk flower arrangement. Silk flowers are also available from most florists. They are just as skilfully arranged as fresh flowers but without all the pollen.


Another alternative is to forego the flower delivery to the hospital and have your gift sent to the recipient’s home instead. Just make sure that you at least send a card to the hospital and wait for them to return home before you make the flower delivery. The last thing you want is to send flowers to their home when they aren’t there to enjoy them!