Lavender uses that will change your daily routine

Lavender flowers are known for their soothing scent and they are also extremely versatile in their uses. If you have lavender growing in your garden, you should keep the following lavender uses in mind. They will certainly make you feel more relaxed and make your home that much more welcoming.

Shower bundles

A shower bundle is a bunch of herbs or scented blooms that you tie together and attach to your shower head. Create layers of eucalyptus and lavender until you have a good-size bundle. Tie the stems tightly with twine and make sure that you have some extra to secure to the shower head. Turn on the shower and enjoy!

Carpet freshener

Carpets can get a bit smelly over time. They may not necessarily have a strong odour, but that musty smell can ruin any room no matter how well it is decorated. Mix half a cup of baking soda with half a teaspoon of lavender essential oil. Place this mixture in a container and use as needed. Not only will it freshen those carpets, but it can also help remove tough spots.

Lavender soap

So many people these days are trying soap making for themselves which is great because you can pick and choose the scents you really want. To make your own lavender soap, simply fill a saucepan halfway with water. Place a large metal bowl on top and turn the stove up to medium heat. When the water boils, add a slice of soap to the bowl. Allow the soap (or regular glycerine) to melt. Remove from heat once melted and add about 15 drops of lavender essential oil. Stir in some dried lavender flowers too. This will not necessarily impact the scent of the soap but it does make it look that much better. Pour the mixture into moulds and allow to harden for at least an hour or two at room temperature.

Gift wrapping

If you want to set your gifts apart from all the rest, this is one of the best lavender uses of all! Simply wrap your gift in fairly plain paper (brown paper is usually best). Add some twine around the gift in either direction. Now add some lavender sprigs to the midpoint where the twine meets.


Just like soap, handmade candles are great for personal use or they can be presented as gifts. This is one of the handiest of all lavender uses because you can make a few for yourself and get feedback from your visitors. When occasions like birthdays or Christmas come around, you will know who will appreciate receiving a handmade lavender candle! You will need to melt the wax before adding dried lavender flowers and about 10 to 15 drops of lavender essential oil. Add the wick to your mould and fill with the liquid wax. Allow to harden before removing from the mould.

Bath salts

If you like to take time out and soak in the tub, you should try making your very own bath salts. They are simple to make in terms of ingredients and the method itself. You will need 1 cup of Epsom salt, 1 cup of Dead Sea salt and half a cup of baking soda. Mix these ingredients well before adding lavender flowers. You can also add your favourite essential oils to this mixture if you like. Add to your next bath and enjoy!

These are just a few fantastic lavender uses to consider when you have plenty of blooms and you don’t want them to go to waste. Lavender can also be displayed as part of a dried flower arrangement to add colour to any room.