Tips for avoiding disappointment this Mother’s Day

For many of us, Mother’s Day is yet another annual occasion where we are set on a frantic shopping spree. In search of the perfect gift for mum, many shoppers find that their last minute efforts are simply not enough. If you want to avoid disappointment this Mother’s Day, here are some great tips:

Plan early

Only you know what mum likes and how much you can afford to spend. We all have different budgets which is why there is no right or wrong amount to spend. The key is to at least start planning early enough so that you are able to set some money aside for this occasion. If you are planning on sending flowers for Mother’s Day and you also want to send a gift like a nice bottle of wine or some luxury chocolates, you need to put a price tag on each item or at least set a gift budget as a whole. Apart from the gift, if you want to take mum out for a meal, you should set aside another sum of money for this. Remember, whether you make a reservation at her favourite restaurant or you pack a picnic lunch, the most important part of the day is spending time with her.

Shop online

Online shopping is really becoming incredibly popular for all occasions – Mother’s Day included. So, once you have an idea of what you want to buy for mum, you can start browsing the web. Online florists usually make it easy by setting up a section dedicated to Mother’s Day flowers and gifts so check this section out first. When you find the perfect bouquet of flowers, find out if the florist offers any optional extras like chocolates or a bottle of wine. Choose one of more of these extras to complete your very special gift. Set the delivery date for the day before Mother’s Day or two days ahead of time if the florist does not offer weekend flower delivery. Once your gift order has been processed, you can focus on the rest of your plans.

Be prepared for substitutes

In some cases, your florist might need to substitute a particular flower with another one of equal or greater value. This usually only occurs when the flower that was initially selected is not available or the stock they do have is not suitable (damaged or wilted). Remember to check the terms and conditions on the florist’s website before you place your flower order. This is the best way to understand their policies and avoid any misunderstandings.

Make sure you’re available

On the day that you expect to receive the flower delivery, make sure that you remain at that address until the flowers arrive. If you are not home, the florist will leave a collection notice and you might only be able to collect the following business day.