Office flowers perfect for him

Fresh flowers and plants make excellent gifts for all recipients. If you are wondering what types of floral gifts you can send to him, there are some lovely office flowers and plants from which you can choose. When sending a plant or bouquet for his workplace, you can rest assured that the gift will not be construed as feminine. You can even get extra creative with your plant selection or send a bouquet with a particular theme in mind. Here are some ideas.

Go sailing

If he is a sailing fan, you can create a bouquet of office flowers to suit this theme. All you need is a rectangular container (red or blue will be perfect) and add a triangle-shaped piece of white cloth to create a sail. You should double up on the cloth and use a wooden frame to create an authentic sail look. Add fresh flowers around the sails to complete your design. These office flowers will certainly brighten up his desk!

Rev that motor

For the motor enthusiast, you will find plenty of great ideas. Use a convertible toy car and add flowers. You should line the interior of the car or truck so that the floral foam does not wet the interior of the vehicle. Arrange your blooms in the foam and present these memorable office flowers for any occasion.

Potted plants

If you want to send a gift that will last longer than your average office flowers, you should consider an office plant. Take into account the amount of office space available before making your selection. While the plant will usually be fairly small at first, it will certainly grow in time. If you are worried that he will not have space for a large plant or he lacks time to really care for it, you can always play it safe with a succulent or cactus. Terrariums are particularly attractive additions to any office environment.

When ordering office flowers or plants for him, make sure that you ask your florist about any additional gifts that they may have available. For the most part, your florist should be able to pair your flower order with luxury chocolates, a bright balloon, a bottle of wine or other extras. Don’t forget to include a special message in the card that will accompany your flower delivery.