Decorating your patio with flowers

When the weather is warm, it’s the perfect opportunity to welcome the outdoors inside. Even if your own garden is bursting with colour, it’s always a good idea to consider brightening up your patio. Fresh flowers are perfect for this exact reason. It’s also good to consider patio décor when buying fresh flowers for a loved one.

For the most part, your patio is an extension of your garden. This is the space where you can retreat and recharge those batteries. It’s like spending time outdoors without worrying about the weather. In general, the décor is natural and simple. Wicker chairs and tables are a great start and they are beautifully complemented by fresh flowers.

When sprucing up your patio, you might wonder what kinds of colours are best. There is no right or wrong answer, as such. It is a good idea to use the seasons as your guide. For example, during the spring, pastels are a great idea. During the summer months, on the other and, you could opt for something more colourful. You could even choose tropical flower arrangements if you like.

If you choose to use a single colour, you can use different types of flowers in the same colour. They will not be the same shade which is why you need to arrange them carefully. Take pink for example. Use the lighter pink flowers around the edge with darker pink blooms in the centre. Another option is to choose a variety of colours. You can display a bouquet of mixed roses or tulips if you want to stick to one type of flower. However, you could also mix colours and flowers. For example, you can put together a bouquet of dahlias, zinnias, and delphiniums.If you want some great variety, you can add five or more different colours.

Finally, don’t forget to make sure that your flowers are not displayed in an area where they could be affected by the sun, wind, or other similar elements. You can also add some potted plants if you like and, if you are worried about caring for fresh flowers, ask your florist about luxurious silk flower displays.