Things everyone should know before sending roses

Roses are easily the most popular Valentine’s Day flowers and they are also the top choice for all other romantic occasions. What many people don’t realise is that the colour and the number of roses you send will determine the message you’re sending to the recipient. Here’s what you need to know about roses before placing your flower order.

You might have heard about the common custom of greeting your date with one perfect long-stemmed rose. When you send a single rose, it symbolises love at first sight. If you present one rose to your long-term partner or spouse, it’s a great way of showing them how much you still love them. If you give them two roses, this sends a message of mutual love. Three roses are traditionally sent after one month of dating.

Six roses are perfect for showng a secret crush that somebody cares. Send a message of “together forever” with a bunch of nine roses. If you add an extra rose to this bunch, to make ten, you will send a message of perfect love. A dozen roses is popular for Valentine’s Day because it’s the perfect way of asking the recipient to be yours.

While red roses symbolise passion, yellow roses represent friendship. Thirteen yellow roses are the ideal friendship gift. Remember, you don’t necessarily need to get romantic on Valentine’s Day. If you are single or if your friend is single, you can still make them feel special with a bunch of yellow roses.

For anyone who has found themselves in the “doghouse”, say sorry with a bouquet of fifteen roses. Don’t forget to include a sincere note to applogise for whatever it is that you did wrong. If the matter is personal in nature, you shouldn’t go into detail in the message card! Instead, simply say that you are sorry without revealing the precise details.

When you want to send a message of sincere affection, send twenty roses. Twenty-one roses are associated with dedication and twenty-four roses represent and even stronger message of love and devotion. Twenty-five roses make the perfect bouquet for celebrating important occasions such as the arrival of a new baby or a loved one’s promotion.

If you are really crazy about somebody, you can pull out all the stops by sending three dozen roses! Forty roses represents true love and fifty or more sends the message of love without boundaries.

No matter the occasion or your relationship with the recipient, roses will always make an amazing and thoughtful gift. Before you select your bouquet, make sure that you keep these guidelines in mind. Be mindful of sending red roses since these are not necessarily suitable for friends or co-workers.