How to care for fresh dahlias

Dahlias make gorgeous additions to any room. Their lush appearance and bold colours mean that they attract attention with ease and they will always look elegant as long as they are in bloom. Of course, if you want your dahlias to last as long as possible, you will need to take good care of them. Plants require regular care and, what some might not know is that cut flowers should also have their needs met.

The first thing to note is that your dahlias may arrive looking less than luxurious. If they aren’t as full or vibrant as expected, they most likely need a good, long drink of clean water. Take a moment to gently remove them from any packaging and separate the stems. Place them in some warm (not hot) water as soon as they arrive. This will help them perk up and give you time to find the perfect vase. Clean the vase and add fresh water along with the flower food inclued with the bouquet.

Once your vase is ready, you can start preparing each stem. Remove them one at a time, trim the base of the stem and remove the lower leaves before placing the flower in the vase. By working with one stem at a time, you ensure that they do not become dehydrated while you arrange them.

You will notice that the vase water won’t stay clear for long. After a few days, you will need to change the water and give your vase a wash. When you do, you should also inspect each stem and make sure that it does not need to be recut. If there is excessive bacterial development around the base. f the stem, cutting it will make it easier for the flower to absorb water. This will help prolong the life of your flowers.

Remember not to place the vase in the sun or in windy areas. If you notice one of the flowers wilting, it should be removed from the vase immediately so that it does not cause the other flowers to perish as well.