Planning the floral décor for somebody else’s dinner party

It’s one thing planning the décor for your own event. It’s quite different when you’re doing the planning for somebody else. When somebody you know wants to surprise one of their relatives with a fancy birthday party, and they need your help with the flowers, you will need to establish the answers to five important questions.


Who is the guest of honour?

The kind of flowers you use to decorate for a 20-something year old will differ from those chosen to honour a 50 or 60 year old. Tastes differ depending on the age of the guest of honour and their guests.

Take into account their favourite flowers as well as their favourite colour. You should speak with whoever else is organising the other decorative elements. Make sure that you are aware of the colour scheme so that your flowers will either match or compliment it.


What are you celebrating?

Is the event a cheerful birthday, a romantic anniversary, a fun baby shower, or another event? Different types of events will have different themes and this will help you choose the right kinds of flowers as well as the best colours.


When is the event?

The kinds of flowers you choose will depend on the season and what kinds of flowers your florist will have in stock. Find out the date of the event and discuss your flower options with your local florist. The kinds of blooms available in the summer will differ from those available in the winter. Similarly, the prices will also vary when flowers are in and out of season which will impact your decisions.


Where will the dinner party be hosted?

Will the party take place at somebody’s home or another venue? Find out where the event is set to take place so that you can discuss flower delivery options with your florist. If the florist does not deliver to that area, you might need to arrange to collect the flowers or have them delivered to you so that you can set them up yourself.


How much is the budget?

Money is always a determining factor so make sure that you ask the host how much they are able and willing to spend. If you have an overall budget, you can then establish how much you can spend on each table arrangement and any other floral décor. Even if the budget is ridiculously low and the number of attendees is high, there are always floral design options that you’ll be able to afford. Bud arrangements are elegant and require little more than a single, perfect flower. Floating arrangements are also great for saving money as are other smaller, simple bouquets consisting of just three or five larger blooms.