Autumn foliage for flower arrangements

When it comes to the autumn season, most people already know what kinds of flowers are available during the autumn season. However, when it comes to foliage, most people do not know that there are also seasonal options. Choosing the right foliage for an arrangement is just as important as choosing the right flowers. It really can make or break the display. If you are not sure what kinds of greenery to pair with your autumn flowers, here are some options to keep in mind.

Ninebark is a lovely shrub. It comes in several shades that rang from deep red to light gree. It is easy to find during the autumn season and it can be used in various types of arrangements. Baptisia is another excellent option. It has soft, flat, and rounded leaves. They have a blue-green colour and they pair particularly well with yellow flowers.

Grasses are popular throughout the year and autumn is no exception. Panicum violaceum is one of the most popular options because it has thin green leaves and seed pockets which add texture along with colour. Chasmanthiums is also popular but you may know it as northern sea oats. It has a long, slender appearance and is rich green in colour. Green hops are an unusual option when it comes to foliage and they are often trimmed just long enough so that they almost line the rim of the vase.

Hemlock, mahonia, and senecio are also popular choices along with ivy. They work particularly well in horizontal flower arrangements like those used to decorate rectangular-shaped tables. They can also be wrapped around the base of an arrangement because they are easy to work with and very flexible.

Some vase arrangements and handheld bouquets can benefit from darker green foliage. This is certainly the case when it comes to using orange or bright red blooms. Consider evergreen trees and the way lush green grass looks when decorated with orange and red leaves from surrounding trees. The darker green allows the colours of the flowers to stand out even more. Various types of ferns and palms will help you create this effect in your flower arrangements. Given the shape and size of these types of foliage, many people prefer to use them as a background rather than placing them in between the flowers.

Dried flower arrangements are also popular during this season. Dried bouquets do not only consist of dried flowers but also dried foliage. It’s important to choose the right type of foliage because many types of leaves become quite fragile once dry. You can add dried sticks, wheat, and anything that has a natural brown colour in your dried autumn arrangements.

The most important thing to remember when creating inspired autumn flower arrangements is to take your cue from nature. Look around and you will be amazed by all the wonderful ideas you can find in your very own garden!