Things every gardener needs

Gardening is both therapeutic and rewarding. Not only will you enjoy some fresh air and time outside the house, but you will also benefit from a beautiful garden. If you are getting started or if you know somebody who loves gardening and you want to send them a gift, here are some tools every gardener needs:


Gardening is mostly about digging, planting, and maintaining your garden. When it comes to digging, it’s important that you have a good quality hoe. The right tools will help make this part of the job that much easier and less time consuming. Even after you have planted your garden, your hoe will still come in handy when the time comes to do some weeding or other maintenance.


You might not need to prune your plants and trees every month but you will need to prune once a year in order to encourage further growth. Pruners need to be durable and sharp. Anything less than the best can result in injury or you could do more harm to your plants than good.


Water is an essential part of life for all living things and plants are no exception. It’s important that you have a hose that will reach all the way to the furtherest corners of your gardeTrn so that none of your plants or flowers are neglected. A roll-up hose is really handy since it makes for easy and compact storage.


Trowels come in various shapes and sizes. In simple terms they resemble a small spade. With a short handle and a pointed tip, it’s easy to hold and dig holes that are the perfect size for your new plant! If you do regular planting you will most likely find that you’ll need to replace your trowel from time to time. That said, a quality trowel will last for a significantly long time so you should get more than your money’s worth out of this compact tool!


Protect your hands against thorns, hard rocks, bugs, and potential skin irritations that can result from contact with certain types of plants. Gardening gloves should fit well so that they don’t slip off while you’re working. If you are working on a particularly larger piece of land, it’s important to remember that most gloves won’t protect you completely from blisters. This is because your hands are bound to sweat and, accompanied by constant friction, a blister or two is bound to appear after an extended period of time.

Knee pads

If you are planning on spending a fair amount of time perfecting every inch of your garden, you should definitely invest in knee pads. Even if you think you’ll be fine, after a few minutes, the ground will start to make you feel especially uncomfortable.

When sending a gardening gift to a friend or loved one, don’t forget to include a plant or some packages of seeds for them to add to their garden! This way you’re giving them a fun activity and the tools they need to get it done right!