Terrarium care mistakes to avoid

If you want to add some very special potted plants to your home décor, you should consider a terrarium. Of course, it is important to note that terrarium care is a little different compared to other potted plants. Here are some important tips to keep in mind.

Too much light

One of the most common mistakes made in terms of terrarium care is when you expose these plants to too much direct sunlight. Yes, plants do need light to survive but your terrarium should only be exposed to indirect sunlight. If your terrarium receives some morning sunlight, this will more than suffice.

Sources of heat

Much like other types of plants, another important terrarium care tip is to avoid placing these plants near any sources of heat. In other words, it should not be placed near a radiator or fireplace. Not only will the conditions prove too warm for the plant, but it can also cause it to become increasingly dehydrated.

Filing to prune

Terrarium care is all about maintaining the right balance. You want your plants to grow and thrive but you will need to cut them back from time to time. You do not want your plants to outgrow their home. Pruning will also ensure that your terrarium maintains an abundant yet neat appearance.

Perishing plants

Over time, some of your plants may perish. It is important that you remove them as soon as you notice this. Apart from an unattractive appearance, they can also cause other plants to perish as they continue to decay.

Clean glass

Dust is bound to gather on the glass both in the inside and out. This can obscure the flow of light and it will look quite unattractive. This is why an important part of terrarium care includes regular cleaning and wiping away of this dust.

Proper watering

One of the best parts about terrariums is that they create their very own microclimate. As moisture evaporates, it condenses against the glass and flows back down to the soil. This means that you will not need to water the soil too often. In fact, it is very important that you check the moisture level of the soil before adding any water at all.

With these terrarium care tips, you can enjoy the most beautiful plant display for years to come. Remember, not all plants are suited for terrarium life so it’s also important to do enough research before assembling one. If you purchase a terrarium kit, this will provide you with everything you need.