Giving your flowers an extra feminine touch

When choosing flowers for a truly feminine lady, there are a few important points to keep in mind. You want your bouquet to be to their liking and it should include various aspects in order to emphasize that feminine aspect. From flowers and foliage to vases and accessories – it all needs to be planned ahead of time.

The first important factor to address is your flower selection. You should look for a variety of textures and colours that will work well and compliment one another. For example, roses, freesias, hydrangeas, and wax flowers can all be arranged together for a perfect variation of texture. In terms of colour, pastels are usually favoured when creating a gentle, feminine bouquet. So, look for off-whites, light greens, and pastel pinks.

Once you have all of your flowers ready, it’s time to add some foliage and fillers. For that touch of green, you can add a type of fern foliage. They have a wispy appearance which adds just the right amount of green as well as great texture and it rounds off the arrangement in just the right way.

Now it’s time for the accessories and, many agree that this is the best part of all because you can get really creative. Pearls and other similar beads can be threaded onto thin wire and added to the bouquet. You can also bunch up some lace and tie to to a piece of wire before adding it to the arrangement. Both of these accessories add colour, texture, and they enhance that feminine theme.

Finally, don’t forget to place your flowers in the right vase too! Look for something simple yet beautiful. Avoid modern designs and look for something more textured. If you are worried about colours of the vase clashing with those of the arrangement, you can choose a textured or patterned glass vase and avoid colours just in case.