Floral gifts for friends this Valentine’s Day

We all have at least one very special friend that deserves to know how amazing they are this Valentine’s Day. This is even more important when your friend is single and they don’t have anyone to spoil them on this occasion. Valentine’s Day is the day of love but it’s not limited to romantic love alone. Friendship is extremely important too and worth celebrating. Here are some flowers that you can send to show your friend that you care.


While you might want to avoid red roses, you can still show your friendly love by sending roses for Valentine’s Day. Yellow roses are the symbol of friendship and they are excellent for warming their home during the coldest weather. If you want to send something even more beautiful, you could opt for a bouquet of roses in several colours including orange, yellow, and white. You can add some red in between if you like but it should not be the main attraction.

Ray of sunshine

If you want to send flowers that will brighten their home and lift their mood, you could opt for some large and gorgeous sunflowers. These flowers represent adoration and happiness which is why they are so perfect for this occasion. Plus, they can be displayed all on their own or along with a selection of smaller blooms.

Something sentimental

If your friend loves a particular type of flower or if they are partial to a specific colour, then you might like to send them a bouquet that caters to their preferences. A bouquet that consists of their favourite flower could include several colours. Alternatively, if you know that they like a certain colour, you could order a bouquet that includes various flowers in their favourite colour. Either way, by sending something that caters to their preferences, you are showing that you shopped specifically for them. This is the most special and sentimental gift of all.

If your friend is single, they might feel quite lonely on Valentine’s Day. Which is all the more reason to make the flower delivery in person. Have a cup of coffee or tea with your friend or go out for the afternoon. You can always enjoy your romantic plans with your partner in the evening.