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Combining Summer Flowers with Vegetables

Integrating flowers into your vegetable garden not only adds beauty and diversity but also offers numerous practical benefits. Companion planting, the practice of strategically pairing certain plants together to enhance growth and deter pests, has been used for centuries to optimize garden yields and promote biodiversity. In this guide, we’ll explore how to combine summer […]

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Best Summer Flowers for Bees and Butterflies

As summer blooms burst into vibrant colors, they also play a crucial role in supporting local ecosystems by attracting pollinators like bees and butterflies. These invaluable creatures are essential for the pollination of many flowering plants, including fruits, vegetables, and wildflowers. By cultivating a garden filled with pollinator-friendly flowers, you can not only enjoy a […]

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The Best Perennials for Summer Blooms

When it comes to creating a vibrant and long-lasting garden, perennials are the backbone of many landscapes. These reliable plants return year after year, bringing bursts of colour and beauty to the garden. While some perennials bloom in the spring or fall, there are many that come alive with stunning displays of flowers during the […]

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How to Create a Summer Flower Bouquet

Creating a stunning summer flower bouquet is a wonderful way to showcase the vibrant colours and fragrant blooms of the season. Whether you’re arranging flowers from your garden or selecting blooms from a local florist, a well-crafted bouquet can add beauty and elegance to any space. To help you create the perfect summer bouquet, we’ve […]

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Heat-Tolerant Flowers: Blooming Beauties for the Hottest Months

As the temperature rises and the sun beats down, it can be challenging to maintain a vibrant and colourful garden. However, with the right selection of heat-tolerant flowers, you can create a stunning display of blooms that withstand the hottest months of summer. From bold and vibrant petals to delicate and fragrant blossoms, there are […]

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Scott McKenzie, Be Sure to wear flowers in you hair, dead at 73

Legend Scott Mckenzie has dies at the age of 73 earlier this week. Mckenzie is best known for his global hit, San Fransisco (Be sure to wear flowers in your hair), which was released in the 1960’s. The Flower power song created an icon of the sixties with more radio plays than any hit record. […]

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Each country has a unique national flower

Every country has its own language, culture and even its very own national flower. Here is a list of national flowers chosen by various countries around the world. Europe and Asia Below is a list of European and Asian countries along with the national flower for each. Germany – Cornflowers Italy – Lilies Denmark – […]

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Birthday flower combos to save time and money

Birthdays are some of the happiest occasions. Apart from celebrating your own birthday, you will also enjoy those of your loved ones and friends. If somebody you know is celebrating their birthday and you are tight on cash, it can be extremely difficult to find something suitable that will suit your budget. Birthday flower combos […]

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