How to make fresh flower ornaments for Christmas

When the holidays approach, we can all take part in the joy of giving our homes a fabulous and festive new look. Since the holidays only last for a few weeks, now is the time to really make the most of all those decorations and decorative advice. Not all of your decorations need to be artificial. You can make fresh flower ornaments for your Christmas tree by following these easy steps.

What you need for fresh flower ornaments:

  • White and pink-striped lilies (one for each ornament)
  • Clear glass or plastic ball hanging ornament (one for each flower)
  • Sharp scissors
  • Strong ornament wire
  • Canned snow

How to make fresh flower ornaments:

  • Begin by trimming the lily stems so that they are about 2 to 3 inches in length.
  • Remove the cap of the ball ornament.
  • Widen the hole at the top of the cap for the ornament. It needs to be large enough for the stem to easily fit inside.
  • Fill the ornament halfway with water.
  • Replace the cap and test to make sure that it is strong enough to hold the ornament. Do not overfill with water since this will make it too heavy and it can easily fall from the tree.
  • Spray the exterior of the ball ornament with canned snow.
  • Add the flower to the ornament so that the stem is in the water.
  • Use strong wire to secure the fresh flower ornaments to branches on your Christmas tree.
  • You will need to add fresh water to each ornament on a weekly basis to keep your flowers fresh.

Remember, plastic globes are lighter than glass globes. They are also less dangerous if one does happen to fall from the tree. If you find that the cap is not as strong as you’d like, you can wrap the wire around the neck of the globe before replacing the cap. Apply some superglue around the cap to hold it securely in place. You can also use less water and refill the globes more often if necessary. To refill without removing the cap, simply use a syringe or something similar to pour the water straight inside without getting the outside of the globe wet. You can save the globes and store them for the following year and make new fresh flower ornaments each year!