Suitable berries for use in flower bouquets

When creating a pretty flower arrangement, you will notice that there are several natural elements to consider. Apart from fresh flowers and foliage, you can also add something extra. There are a number of suitable berries that will help give your bouquet colour and texture. If you are not sure where to start, here are some ideas.

List of berries

  • St John’s Wort berries are also known as hypericum. They are available in several colours including red, pink, burgundy, yellow and green.
  • China Berries, unlike many others, are not clustered together. They are yellow and they make an excellent filler.
  • The Beautyberry, also called callicarpa, are grouped together on a single stem. Of all the varieties, the Chinese, American and Japanese varieties are the most popular. The purple ones are known as Early Amethyst.
  • Seeded eucalyptus are suitable berries for various floral displays. They are available in yellow, white and green. These berries are the immature flower pods that are found between the leaves of the plant.
  • Snowberries can be found growing in clusters of 5 to 10 on a stem. They are available in white, red and pink. The most sought after being Mexican, Creeping, Roundleaf and Mountain Snowberries.
  • Winterberries are a great choice for various bouquets. American or Ilex winterberries are also called Holly berries which are popular in Christmas décor. Other varieties include Winter Gold, Winter Red, Sparkle Berry and Oosterwijk.
  • Juniper berries are loved for their beautiful dark purple colour. Before they mature, they are actually green in colour.
  • Waxberries are often used for making candles which is why so many people call them candleberries. They can be found in burgundy, purple and red.
  • Rose hips are usually red or orange and they are known for being rich in Vitamin C. Apart from brewing them with your tea, you can use them to add colour and texture to various bouquets.

How to add them

Once you have found the most suitable berries for your bouquet, you may wonder how to add them. Depending on the type of arrangement you wish to create, you can either add a few berry stems in between or you can pluck them from the stem and use them as vase fillers. When using berries in vases, make sure that you use two vases – one to hold the water and another larger one to hold the inner vase surrounded by the filler.

As you can see, there are plenty of different suitable berries for flower arrangements. They can help you create a luxurious bouquet without spending a fortune. You will also be able to find artificial berries if you want a filler that you can use over and over again.