Substituting tradition with succulents

Fresh flowers are the number one gift for many occasions. When we think about sending flowers, we often imagine a number of varieties like roses, lilies, carnations, hydrangeas, and so on. Succulents might not be the first floral gift you think of but they certainly can prove to be a thoughtful and unique gift.

Potted plants

As potted plants, succulents make excellent gifts. They are available in a number of shapes and forms. Some potted succulents are relatively small in size at first but this only means that they have plenty of room to grow. Some succulent gifts are presented as single plants while others are planted together in a single pot. A succulent terrarium, for instance, is a wonderful gift for various occasions. They are most popular as house warming gifts. They require minimal care and they are very easy to please.

Part of bouquets

Succulents are also making their way into fresh flower arrangements. In particular, those arrangements that are designed with that wild flower theme in mind. They add excellent texture as well as greenery plus they support the overall theme of the floral display. Proteas paired with succulents are one fine example of a luxurious bouquet that will always stand out. Succulents make the best greenery in this type of bouquet because it’s not easy to add foliage to these types of flower arrangements.

When ordering succulents for yourself or sending them to a loved one as a gift, it’s important to make sure that you or the recipient follows the care instructions for the plant. Succulents prefer a certain kind of soil and they also require less frequent watering but this doesn’t mean that they can survive without water at all. Not all succulents are exactly the same. Make sure that you ask your florist or search online for more precise care advice so that you can get the most out of yours.