Stunning and simple grapevine wreath design

Wreaths are not only for occasions like Christmas or to honour a loved one who has passed away. They can also be used to brighten up your home in whenever you feel the need for some floral joy. While some wreath designs are considerably complicated and require a large amount of flowers and supplies, a simple grapevine wreath need not cost all that much or take too much time to make.

You will need:

  • Grapevine to make the base of your wreath
  • A selection of flowers (for example calla lilies and vanda orchids)
  • Foliage (like flax leaves)
  • Water tubes (one for each stem)
  • Floral wire and green tape


  • Start by cleaning off your grapevine so that there are no leaves left. You will only need the vine itself. Remember, a fresh vine can be moulded and shaped whereas a dried vine is dry like sticks and will break. However, if you want a dried vine wreath, you can create the wreath using fresh vines and simply let them dry out. Make your wreath by wrapping the vines around in a round loop (like you would an extension cable).
  • Use the floral wire to secure the vine in place at three or four points.
  • If need be, conceal the wire with green floral tape.
  • Trim the stems of your flowers and attach the water filled plastic tubes to each one. This will take care of your water concerns but remember, you will need to top the tubes up frequently!
  • Start arranging your calla lilies all around the wreath. Make sure that they are all facing the same direction and you can decide how close together you’d like to place them. Don’t be afraid of leaving gaps with this one. It really is a case of less is more!
  • Secure the lilies in place using floral wire and use tape to conceal the wire.
  • Choose the base point (6 o’clock position) of the wreath and add your orchids here. Your lilies are pure white with yellow centres which will stand out wonderfully against the contrasting purple orchids! Again, make sure that you have attached a water tube to the orchid stems and secure the flowers using wire and tape.
  • Add some foliage to the bottom of the wreath (much in the same way as you would add a ribbon or bow) and display with pride!