Spring flowers for you garden and home

Spring is the season of new life and you can’t help but notice all the pretty flowers in bloom. After the cold days of winter, the renewed life is a much welcomed sight. So, whether you want to spruce up your garden or decorate your home, you can be sure that fresh blooms will welcome spring.

Some wild flowers will begin to bloom as spring settles in. The ground is no longer frozen and plants come back to life. Daffodils are known for being one of the earliest to bloom. They sometimes even bloom when the last bits of snow begin to melt. Snowdrops got their name because they bloom as early as December. For those who aren’t particularly fond of winter, these flowers are a reminder that there is beauty hidden beneath the fluffy white winter blanket. Primrose is another lovely wildflower that has a particularly long bloom cycle. They will bloom all the way through to June.

In your garden, there are several lovely blooms that will brighten things up. Pansies are probably one of the most popular of all. They are especially lovely when planted in window boxes. Which means that you can even enjoy them if you don’t have a large garden. For those who live in apartments, you can have your own mini garden just outside your window.

If you want to know what kinds of spring flowers to order from your florist, there are plenty available this time of year. Firstly, take a look around for a wildflower bouquet. These bouquets look just like a bunch of blooms plucked from a nearby field. They are perfect for country style décor. Another option is a colourful tulip bouquet.Tulips are strongly associated with the spring season and they are available in a number of lovely colours too. Sunflowers always put on a spectacular show. They are large, bright and these flowers always make an impression.

Don’t forget, mixed bouquets with a variety of colours will always look great. Mixed flower bouquets include several types of flowers which helps give it that natural look.