The True meaning of Flowers

Like symbols flowers have their meaning, association and connections. This dates back before the Edwardian period where people would use a flower choice to communicate.  In today’s world with technological communication at a peak, flowers have lost this and there are no boundaries to what the florist will arrange without worrying what this arrangement could mean. There is a complete dictionary of flower meaning; you could write a short book with just an assortment of flowers.

You can find the flowers that best match your personality using this; you could create quite the bouquet. Or better yet, what a fantastic gift it would be to create a bouquet for someone custom to their personality. Would it be full of Amaryllis to signfy drama or decorated with Aster and Camellia to suggest happiness and thankfulness? In true tradition people send Begonia’s to a funeral to show deep thought and lily’s as use as the celebration of life.

Weddings quite often decorate the guest a table with Chrysanthemum’s to show excitement and the sharing of life together.  Sunflowers associated with summer represent the adoration of heat. Geraniums traditionally sent to the bereaved to show comfort and support. There are many more too. What would your bouquet be?