Spring flower planting advice for your garden

With the weather warming up, it’s time to get your garden ready for the sunnier months. If you aren’t too sure about the best types of blooms to plant during this time, here are some of the best options. Spring flower planting requires that you wait until the last frost is over and you will need to make sure that your garden is cleaned up and prepared before you begin.


If you are looking for a spring flower that is easy to grow and boasts plenty of colours, you should consider planting pansies. They are annual flowers which means that they need to be replanted each year. They enjoy full sunlight and you can take your pick from several colours including white, orange, yellow, purple and red.


Loved for their bright orange and yellow blooms, marigolds are also annuals and they are very easy to grow from seed. You can even harvest seeds throughout the summer and save them for the following year. This spring flower can really give your garden the burst of colour it needs.


This spring flower is loved for its long blooming season. They are usually treated as annuals because they don’t do well in very cold climates. However, if your winters are mild, they can grow back the next year. They are available in various colours such as pink, purple, white, red and blue. They can be grown in many ways, including in hanging baskets.


If you are looking for the boldest spring flower yet, you should certainly plant some sunflowers. Remember, they will only bloom later in the summer but they will put on an amazing show. Make sure that you allow enough space in between each plant since they will need room to grow.


These blooms are known and loved for their tall stems covered in beautiful blooms. They are fantastic for your garden and they can help you create the most impressive spring flower arrangements. They are usually used to give height to taller bouquets.


If you are looking for a low-maintenance spring flower, you should consider hydrangeas. Their colour is determined by the pH of the soil and they can be started in pots before transplanted in your garden. The blooms can also be cut to create gorgeous vase arrangements and centrepieces.

These are some of the best choices when planning your spring flower planting. By choosing the right flowering plants, you will ensure that your garden will be transformed into your very own oasis. The perfect place to escape after a long day at the office.