How to make the perfect pastel bouquet

Pastel flower arrangements are perfect for that understated hint of style and beauty. Whether you want to decorate your own home or you wish to present somebody with the gift of flowers, you will find that this kind of arrangement will always be very much appreciated.

You will need:

  • 3 light pink peonies
  • 3 white peonies
  • 3 pink roses
  • 4 peach roses
  • 9 lavender allium
  • 3 stems of lavender clematis
  • 5 stems of pink astilbe


  • Prepare all of your stems as per usual by removing thorns, leaves, guard petals, and so on. Save the foliage from your lavender clematis!
  • Remember to trim the stems as you arrange them to ensure that they are the right length for the vase.
  • Work your way from the middle by placing light pink roses and pink peonies in the centre. You can cluster three peonies together and add roses in between.
  • Now add the smaller blooms like the astilbe and allium and allow them to occupy spaces between the central flowers while also expanding the diameter of the bouquet.
  • Add your peach roses around the exterior of the bouquet along with the remaining smaller flowers in between and finish off the bouquet by adding your foliage. .While you could add other greens, the foliage from your clematis works particularly well and it’s a shame to let it go to waste.
  • Remember to clean out your vase regularly, do not display in direct sunlight, and remove flowers and foliage as soon as they start to wilt.