What You Need To Know Before Sending Roses

It’s pretty much common knowledge that roses are the ideal flowers to send when you want to show somebody special just how much you care.  A slightly lesser known fact is that different colour roses have different meanings.  For example, if you are ordering flowers to celebrate friendship, yellow roses would be the perfect choice.  Another important factor that determines the meaning of a rose bouquet is the number of roses bundled together.

You may have noticed or heard stories about men greeting their dates with a single long-stemmed rose.  This single rose is the perfect flower for so many different occasions and it’s the ideal way to impress your partner during your first date.  One single long-stemmed rose symbolises “love at first sight” and, if you give one to your spouse or long-term partner, it shows them that you still love them.  If you present your partner with two roses, you will be sending them a message of mutual love and, after one month of dating, it is common to send three roses.

Pink Valentine's Day Roses

Sending six roses to your secret crush to let them know that they have a secret admirer.  Nine roses hold the meaning of “together forever” while ten roses symbolise perfect love.  A dozen roses is a popular choice for many and it’s also a top choice when planning to send flowers for Valentine’s Day.  When sending a dozen roses, you are asking the recipient to be yours.  In addition, you should ensure that you send red roses so that message of love and passion is evident.

Yellow roses already carry the message of friendship and, if you want to reinforce this message with the perfect bouquet, then you should ask your florist for a bouquet of thirteen perfect yellow roses.  Of course, we all find ourselves in the “doghouse” every once in a while so, if you want to send an apologetic message, a bunch of fifteen roses and a sincere note is just the thing you need to win your partner over.

Twenty roses send a message of sincere affection while twenty-one roses carry the meaning of dedication.  By doubling up on a dozen and sending twenty-four roses, you will also send and even stronger message of devotion and love.  A bouquet of twenty-five roses is perfect for celebrating an important occasion such as a friend getting promoted at work or the arrival of a new baby.

If you are truly head over heals in love with somebody, then you can go all out and send them a boastful bunch of three dozen roses.  Forty roses sends a message of true love and fifty or more roses demonstrates that their love has no boundaries.

There is always an occasion that calls for a fresh flower delivery and roses always say it best!  Whether you are looking for the most romantic flowers for Valentine’s Day, a sweet floral gift for your first date with somebody special or you simply want to celebrate friendship or send a message of congratulations, you can do it all with the right type and number of roses!  If you are ever in doubt as to which colour to send, you can always go with the safe choice of a mixed colour bouquet.  Choose the number of roses you want to send and ask your florist to mix the colours to create a truly festive flower delivery!