Spring flower basket design creation

While fresh flowers are often displayed in elegant vases, there are so many other ways of enjoying your favourite blooms. Baskets, for example, are a fantastic option when creating your next spring flower arrangement. Not sure how to go about creating such a design? Here are some easy steps to follow to create your very own design.

You will need:

– Fresh flowers of your choice

– Foliage of your choice

– Basket to hold your spring flower bouquet

– Floral foam

– Plastic tray (large enough to hold the floral foam and fit inside the basket)

– A sharp pair of scissors

– Flower food

Step by step guide:

  • When planning your spring flower basket design, you will need to select your flowers and your basket together. This is important because taller stems will require a larger basket. You will also need to find a plastic tray that will fit perfectly inside the basket. Otherwise, the wet floral foam will end up wetting the basket and this causes damage.
  • Once you have all of your materials ready, it’s time to prepare the basket. This means that you will need to trim the floral foam, if necessary, before allowing it to hydrate in some water.
  • Add some flower food to the water before soaking your floral foam. This way, it will fill with water and nutrients for your cut stems.
  • When it comes to a spring flower arrangement, don’t forget to keep the seasonal theme in mind, This means that you want to use pastel colours and your foliage should also be on the dusty green side rather than any bold shades.
  • Once the floral foam is moist, place it on the tray and insert it into the basket.
  • Start from the outer rim and add a layer of greenery all the way around. This helps conceal the view of the floral foam and the plastic tray inside the basket.
  • Next, add some mass flowers around the edge and make sure that you alternate between different types of flowers and colours.
  • Insert an uneven number of focal flowers in the centre of the arrangement and inspect the bouquet from all sides to make sure that they are evenly distributed.
  • Add some mass flowers around your focal blooms and fill your arrangement but make sure that you leave some gaps in between.
  • Once you have added all of your mass flowers, it’s time to add some more foliage in between to fill in the spaces.
  • Finally, you can add some small filler flowers and this will complete the design once you are not able to see any of the floral foam.
  • Remember, you don’t want to overcrowd your basket but you do want it to be full enough that there aren’t any areas that resemble bald patches. You also want to spread your flowers out so that there aren’t any patches of the same flowers that can give the basket an uneven appearance.

If your spring flower basket has a handle running over the top, you can decorate it with a colourful ribbon. Alternatively, you can choose some kind of vine plant and insert one end in the floral foam for hydration while wrapping the rest around the handle to decorate it. Use some green floral wire to secure the other end of the vine in place.