Valentine’s Day shopping when time is running out

The first few weeks of the year can take anyone by surprise. Time flies by so quickly and, before we know it, it’s February an Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. If you are all out of ideas and in a hurry to find the perfect romantic gift for your Valentine’s Day, here are some ideas to keep you out of the doghouse.

Flowers first

Fresh flowers are a must for Valentine’s Day. When you want to pamper your partner, there’s is nothing better than a romantic bouquet. Red roses are the most popular choice but, if you feel like they are a bit too generic, you could opt for another type of red flower like carnations or tulips. If you prefer, you could opt for pink flowers or a mixed flower arrangement. You can also have your florist include something extra like a box of luxury chocolates, bottle of bubbly, or plush toy.

Gift hampers

There are some fantastic romantic gift hampers that are perfect for occasions like Valentine’s Day. Some of these gifts include chocolates and sweets while others contain bath and body products. If you know that your Valentine prefers savoury treats as oppsed to sweets, then you might want to opt for a cheese and wine hamper or picnic basket instead.

Something homemade

Never underestimate the power of a homemade gift. Something as simple as a handmade card to accompany the perfect bouquet of florist flowers will show that you put extra time and effort into the gift. Even if you did leave your shopping until the last minute! There are hundreds of easy ideas available online and a trip to your local craft shop will ensure that you have all the supplies you need.

Make reservations

If you want to take your Valentine out for the evening, make sure that you make your booking now! The best restaurants are booked up weeks or even months in advance but you could still be in luck. You might just find a table at your favourite restaurant but it might mean that you will have to eat earlier or later than usual. Alternatively, you could ask the restaurant to prepare your favourite foods to go. Pick up your food at the appropriate time and, instead of eating out of the disposable containers, you can spruce it up by using your home cutlery and crockery.