Spring blooms for a wreath

The onset of spring is always very much anticipated since winter somehow seems to feel like the longest season. Once the days start to get longer and sunnier, we can see our surroundings perk up and plants come back to life. Now is a great time to make the most of what nature has to offer by hanging a wreath full of spring blooms from your door or a wall in your home. If you are not sure which flowers to include, here are some of the best seasonal options.


One of the most popular spring blooms around this time of year is the chrysanthemum. While they might seem like common flowers, they are actually available in various shapes, sizes and colours. While they aren’t very flashy, they are often larger in size. This means that they make excellent mass flowers.


Another popular option in terms of spring blooms are tulips. They are available in several colours. Yellow, purple, pink and white are all wonderful options for your wreath design. Of course, fresh tulips have a short vase life so, if you want a design that will last longer, you might want to consider silk blooms instead.


If you want spring blooms that will fill the air with a sweet scent, you can’t go wrong with hyacinths. The most popular colours include pink and blue. Just a few of these stems and you will notice their aroma in the whole room.


Daisies are a lovely addition to any wreath of spring blooms. They are large and bright which means that you will need just a few of them to make a bold statement. They can also be paired with other blooms.


Another popular spring flower is the daffodil. Their unique shape along with their bright yellow colour make them a lovely bright addition to any floral design. Since they require a lot of water, you might want to place each stem in its own water tube to ensure that they last as long as possible.

These are some of the best choices in spring blooms if you are considering making your own wreath this season. Don’t forget, greenery is also very important. Make sure that you start with a lush green base on which to add your cheerful flowers.