Spooky décor for your Halloween table

Halloween can be one of the funniest and most entertaining days of the year. It usually involves dressing up in cute or crazy costumes and sharing all kinds of candy. Many enthusiasts take the opportunity to go all out and decorate every inch of their home too. While some may think that this is an occasion aimed at children, adults can also enjoy dressing up and organizing themed dinners. Part of creating the right theme is choosing the perfect spooky décor for your table.


Colour selection

The first thing you will need to do is select the right colour combination for spooky décor. Key colours to focus on include pumpkin orange, black, and white. You can also add some natural browns and maybe even a little red here and there.


Pick the perfect spot

Now you need to decide where your spooky décor will be set up. Are you looking to decorate your dining table, buffet table, coffee table, or even a table in your entry foyer? Take into account the size of the table, its shape and don’t forget to leave room for other elements. For example, you don’t want to clutter your dining room table and leave little to no space for plates, glasses and other items.


Halloween accessories

Now it’s time to look for the right accessories. These include, but are not limited to, something like skeletons, skulls, witch hats, black cats, pumpkins, spiders, candles, and even colourful candy-shaped accents. Dried flowers and flower petals are also great additions to these types of spooky décor.


Holders and flowers

You can use decorative skulls as candle holders (if they are fire resistant) and you can also make small lanterns. You can also set up a small artificial tree. The tree should have no leaves and should have that “creepy” feeling. You can decorate the tree with Halloween treats the same way you would decorate a tree with candy and candy canes. You can also use red and orange flowers, as well as the petals in the centre. If you want to use fresh flowers, you can use black or black and white vases to fit the theme. Not only will it work with the theme, but the dark orange flowers will really pop in a neutrally coloured vase.


Buffet tables

If you are decorating a buffet table, you may find it preferable to place one main decorative element in the centre and add smaller decorations and flowers between the various plates and trays. Don’t forget the orange napkins and hide a few rubber or plastic spiders here and there to add to your overall spooky décor.

With all of these simple ideas in mind, you can create the most amazing and memorable spooky décor for any Halloween event. Even if you aren’t planning on hosting a party, you can always spruce up your home around this time of year just for the little ones.