Soothing flowers and calming colours

Fresh blooms and specific colours have something very interesting in common – they can both be incredibly relaxing. The trick to choosing the best soothing flowers is by understanding which scents have this effect on us as well as the right colours to choose.

Soothing scents

Whether you want to send soothing flowers or even some essential oils to a loved one, it’s important to note that each scent has a different effect on the mind and body. Lavender is one of the most well-known soothing blooms. Not only does this scent calm the mind, but it can also help as a sleep aid. Jasmine has a similar effect and can help those with insomnia. For those in need of some TLC, the smell of roses will certainly do the trick!

Calming colours

Apart from the scents of soothing flowers, their colours will also play a significant role in how they affect each of us. Calming colours include blue, purple, green, white and anything neutral like brown or off-white. Cool colours are incredibly relaxing and they help create an environment that is perfect for work or studying. Even something as simple as a bouquet of white blooms with lush green foliage can have a wonderful effect.

Pastel options

While yellow is technically a warm colour and it usually has an invigorating effect. Pastel yellows are far more gentle and this is why it’s worth considering a pastel-coloured bouquet. Some of the most popular pastel shades, apart from yellow, include purple, pink, orange and green. Pastel flowers can also be paired with white blooms to allow these soothing flowers stand out even more.

As you can see, there are a number of excellent options when it comes to soothing flowers. Usually the best way of determining whether or not a bouquet will be soothing is by taking a look at it and considering your own feelings. Think about what the bouquet makes you feel. If it makes you feel more energized, it probably includes a number of bright and warm colours. On the other hand, the colours and options mentioned above will have a relaxing effect.