A simple rose bouquet is all you need

Roses are by far one of the most recognisable and beautiful flowers that you will find at any florist. They are also wonderfully hardy, fragrant, and available in a wide variety of colours. Some roses are known to fetch a higher price than some other varieties. It also depends on the time of year and the demand.

When putting your roses on display, it’s important that each and every stem is properly conditioned. This means that you will need to trim about an inch off the bottoms of the stems. Do so at an angle and using a sharp pair of scissors or knife. A sharp cutting tool will ensure that the stem is not crushed while you cut it. Cutting at an angle increases the surface area for absorption and it prevents the stem from resting directly on the bottom of the vase. You will also need to remove the guard flowers so that your roses will completely open. Help them along just a little bit by gently fluffing out the petals. When plucking the guard petals, just remember that these are the ones on the outside of the flower and, apart from protecting the bloom as a bud, they serve no aesthetic purpose. Remove the thorns and lower leaves with a sharp knife so as to slow down bacterial growth in the vase water.

Now, when it comes to arranging them, you can create a stunning colourful display by simply placing several stems in a plain glass vase. They need not be accompanied by foliage or any other flowers. If you really want to add something extra to the vase, you can add some baby’s breath in between. You can brighten up any corner of your home by simply displaying a modest bunch of roses or even a bud flower arrangement in smaller areas.

Each colour has its own special meaning. Red roses are sent for romantic occasions while yellow roses are a symbol of friendship. Like many other types of flowers, however, you can use four, five, or more colours in a single bouquet! Smaller arrangements can consist of three roses all trimmed to different lengths and arranged in a slender bud arrangement vase. In fact, if you receive a full bouquet of flowers and they start to perish one by one, you can still display the remaining flowers with pride in smaller vases! Never let a single rose go to waste!