The best flowers for grandma

When you buy flowers for mum, you might have plenty of insight with regards to her preferences. However, with grandma, it could be a little tricky. Sure, you have probably known your grandmother for years but you don’t know her as well as you know your own mother. So, when grandma’s birthday or any other special occasion comes around and you want to send her flowers, here are some useful tips.

The first trick is to ask your mother or father if they have any advice. They might know best with regards to their mother’s preferences and, perhaps more importantly, her dislikes. In most cases, simply avoiding the flowers she does not like is enough to ensure success.

The next step is to consider colour. Have you noticed your grandmother wearing a particular colour fairly regularly? Or perhaps her home or several rooms have a particular colour scheme. For example, if you notice that grandma favours the colour purple, then perhaps a purple bouquet will be to her liking. Alternatively, if any of the rooms in her home have a purple colour scheme, then you could send some bright yellow flowers. They will work well with the existing décor and they will also create a stunning contrast.

If you feel like your grandmother could use a bit of an emotional boost, then look for a bouquet of bright flowers. In most cases, a mixed bouquet or at least one with various colours will do the trick. Consider a beautiful bouquet of roses in various colours or even a bunch of sunflowers that are sure to make anyone smile.

When you send a bunch of flowers to grandma, you might want to add a vase too. Not only does it make for the perfect presentation but it also means that she won’t need to hunt for a vase and, instead, she can simply choose a place for them and enjoy!

Don’t forget to always consider the meaning associated with the flowers you choose and their colours. There are also flowers associated with different months of the year as well as all the different zodiacs. This should help you make the most appropriate and meaningful choice.