Popular cut flower options for summer

Summer is a season of plenty. Long, hot days keep us up and out of the house as late as possible. With such a wonderfully warm climate, it’s no wonder that our plants greet us with colourful blooms, and there seems to be an excessive amount of activity in the animal kingdom. Sure, you can’t spend every day in your garden, but that wouldn’t be a bad idea! For those who have to work or simply can’t stand the sun all day but still want to enjoy the fruits of summer, here are some of the most popular cut flower bouquets you can use to make your home feel like a summer garden.


The number one most popular cut flower for summer has to be the rose. Roses are popular in any season, as nowadays they are grown in artificial conditions. However, their real flowering season is summer, so prices should be lower now than during the colder months. Take advantage of it and go to your florist to see their selection of roses! Roses can be added to any room in any shape or form. There are many of varieties, sizes and colours available, so you’re sure to find just what you need. Roses are also perfect for flower arrangements. These consist of a single stem placed inside a small vase. Such an arrangement is perfect when space is limited or you are on a budget.


Carnations have been another popular cut flower for many years. They have a very long flowering cycle and you will also find that they are one of the cheapest flowers. Not only that, but carnations make for a hardy bouquet and last longer than most other cut flower varieties. Carnations are also beautiful as floral arrangements. However, they look even better if you include a touch of fern and some baby’s breath just to fill it up a bit.


Summer is known for its welcoming sunshine and warm weather. Therefore, the sunflower is quite an appropriate addition to your home during these months. Big, bright and bold, displaying these flowers in your home is sure to make a statement! You can rest assured that when there will be sunflowers in the room, they will never go unnoticed! Sunflowers are also wonderful in that they can stand on their own in a vase. You really don’t need to add any more flowers or foliage. In fact, they’ll probably dwarf anything else near them anyway.

Summer floral arrangements definitely call for bright colours that stand out. Because of this, you’ll find that many bouquets this time of year will include popular cut flower choices like cockscomb, gladiolus blossoms, and even amaranth. The idea of a summer bouquet is to bring the warmth of summer into your home and these colourful beauties do just that.