How Valentine’s Day started

For most of us, Valentine’s Day is associated with red roses, luxury chocolates and plenty of romance. That said, not too many people really know how this tradition started. Like most other traditions, this celebration can be traced back centuries to the time of Emperor Claudius II.

Marriage outlawed

During the third century, Emperor Claudius II believed that single men were better soldiers than those who were married and had children. Single men had nothing to hold them back and perhaps this is why he thought that they were more willing to risk their lives. This led to him outlawing marriage for men and this is where Saint Valentine decided to go against the law by performing marriages despite the ruling.

The martyr

Sometime around 270 A.D. Saint Valentine was caught and sentenced to death. This is why so many people started celebrating this day – to honour the fact that he stood against this law and performed marriage ceremonies without any regard for his own life or safety. In a sense, Saint Valentine really proved to be as brave (or more so) than any soldier on the battlefield. By going against his own emperor, he secured his fate. Of course, February 14th was not declared St Valentine’s Day until the 5th century and it took even longer for people to start associating this occasion with love and romance.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day now

Keeping in mind that there were people who went through such a troublesome time that they were forbidden to get married, it makes such a celebration that much more meaningful. Today we have the freedom to choose our partners and show our affections in the most dramatic ways.

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